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First Year
New ways to see the world and your connection to it. A new language, a new way of thinking: circular and not linear. Learn more
Second Year
You will increase the knowledge of your physical body. You will discover how molding, sculpting and armoring limit your potential. Learn more
Third Year
The process of self-knowledge in the first two years will prepare you to study the Twisted Hairs Healing Paradigm. Learn more
Fourth Year
You will deepen and expand the teachings and refine the techniques and reach a level of excellence. Learn more


"Knowledge is like the wind...If you have it you can go everywhere."
(Yellow Horse)

Don't believe anything...

"Don't believe anything we tell you, try it at least three times, if it doesn't work it is not for you.”
(Twisted Hairs Grandfathers)

Your uniqueness...

"If you don't bring out your uniqueness you are fooling the Universe.”
(Twisted Hairs Grandmothers)

RED LODGE is a school for leadership and personal evolution to take charge of your life and make a difference on this planet.


Who we are

in Phoenix, Arizona
in Calgary, Canada
and in Australia!
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What can RED LODGE give to you?

  • Red Lodge Aim

    The 4 year course aim is to reconnect you with Grandmother Earth and her inhabitants, balance the feminine and masculine energy and teach you how to get rid of dogma, ignorance, patterns and behaviors in your life that feed pain.
  • Individuality, autonomy, freedom

    Red Lodge was created to develop your individuality, autonomy and freedom so that you live with balance, with happiness in your emotions, humor in your mind, health in your body, hope in your spirit and harmony in your sexual and life force.
  • Every unit includes:

    Teachings, ceremonies, energetic practices and Shamanic Purification Lodges. It is truly an amazing Warrior journey to make a difference on this Planet!


RED LODGE is coming!

RED LODGE IS COMING! 🦌 November 22nd-25th, 2018 – BOLOGNA, ITALY...
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