In the first year, you will learn new ways to look at the world and at your connection with it. You have the opportunity to discover a new language, a new way of thinking that’s not linear in approach, but circular.

You will be introduced to the brilliant paradigm of the Sweet Medicine Wheels. Every position on these wheels has specific elemental qualities that you can overlay together.  All of the wheels can create holograms that allow you to deepen your understanding about these elemental qualities.

The right hemisphere of our brain naturally works in a circular way and it can be easier for you to understand and remember things placed on a wheel.


  • Basic Twisted Hairs Wheels for understanding the World.
  • How to create your own Protection Bundle.
  • Earth Astrology and your Totem animals.
  • How to connect with trees and gain wisdom.
  • How to shift your Reality Perception point.
  • How to balance the Chakras.
  • One of the most powerful tools to understand the functioning of the human consciousness: “the Star Maiden Circle”.

    You will get different ceremonial experiences, a sweat lodge in every session, a Journey in the Lower World to look for your Power animal, a special night on a mountain to talk with your ancestors and much more.