If the first year is primarily dedicated to getting to know the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, the second year looks at the inside of the person. You will be guided with training and supervision to understand how your story was fixed into your body and how this molding and sculpting can limit you. And, at the same time, you can learn how to tap into the potential of who you are and how you step out into the world.

You will gain a new understanding of what “character refinement” means, a difficult and tough challenge but most exciting as well. Other teachings include the “Great Work” where you see what opportunities you have in this life experience. You will learn the ways to confront the most uncomfortable parts of yourself and bring them into the light.


  • Your unique way to resist change and how to reverse this pattern.
  • How to understand and confront your life tyrants.
  • The way you wrote your Personal Story and how  you can begin to re-write it.
  • Find and start using your Healing Tools.
  • What is the Sacred Image of the Body and your Character Structure.
  • What are the Sacred Laws of the World and of the Spirit.
  • You will be introduced to the Medicine Pipe, one of the most powerful alchemic  tools on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, known and used by many people of the Earth.
  • How to build a Dream Mesa, to actualize what you desire in your life.You will get many more ceremonial experiences, one to increase your life energy, one incredible Ceremony to meet Benevolent Death and much more.