“The second year of Red Lodge is almost over, we still need to do the ceremonial week and celebrate ourselves. And the halfway point is a perfect time for making an assessment.
If I look in the mirror it is hard to recognize myself. The change I experienced during these two years has been the most colorful, exciting and deep of my 31 years.
A blossoming that is as intense as a second adolescence, only with the adulthood ability of not rushing so much.
If I look around I see a wonderful family that I had either met before or here at Red Lodge, people I established fraternal links with.
And as Diane Sea Dancer says it is worth coming here if only to have true friends when we are old.”
Luca, Moon Jaguar
“What was Red Lodge for me? A great transformation tool, but first of all it was that sense of belonging, of “always family” that I was looking for…
I started with an open event, I simply wanted to awake my Pipe…
but I never left. There are Medicine wheels that made my path more clear and strengthened and balanced my self-acceptance. I did ceremonies that accelerated my growth, or aloud me to break a deadlock…
My Guide is precious, a lighthouse in the dark, a kick in the butt when old behavior patterns try to suck me.”
Lucia, Light Panther
“I have found many good things in Red Lodge, but the most important one is that I have learned how I can improve my life (a lot!!!)
I have learned to recognize my desires and honor them. I let go of the idea of being the victim and accepted the responsibility for my life.
I use the tools that were given to me at Red Lodge in order to create my life as I really want it. And I tell you: surprising things happen! ”
Ev, Crystal Rose
“Red Lodge is the song of the family heart, a crib created by the image of everybody and for everybody.
It is a ruthless and sweet mirror, if you step on it it will take you to beautiful rides and long walks on the hill at Sunset.
It is a thrill, it is family relationship with all there is to it…but the most important thing is that it plants a seed inside of you, that opens you to the doors of life and soul. I will always be grateful to this school, to its completeness and love. It taught me how to give and receive with love and how to communicate from heart to heart with other humans.”
Rebecca, South Wind Flower