Red Lodge Third Year is intense, both for the teachings and for the ceremonies.

The self-knowledge process of the first two years will prepare you to study the Twisted Hairs Healing Paradigm.

This Paradigm is a highly sophisticated structure that will allow you to understand the cause of any sickness or illness in your life. You will be able to apply this tool to any problem in your life. You can place the problem on the wheel and discern the cause and find the solution. 


  • How to find and use your Healing Tools Set.
  • What is an Healing Ceremony and how it works.
  • You will learn how to find the cause of any sickness or illness.
  • You will practice the use of the healing crystals.
  • You will learn the use of the fibers: how do we explore reality and connect to others.
  • You will learn the Problem Resolution Wheel: with which you can analyze any problem in your life, discern the cause and find the solution.

You will get other ceremonial experiences, a Kachina dance with the Dream Teachers, a Healing Ceremony and a Vision Quest to meet the Enemies of your evolution and begin to turn them into allies.